About us

We are a collection of 9,999 blockchain Janitor’s coming to meme on Ethereum with the goal of sweeping floors across the metaverse. There is so much potential in the Metaverse and so many undervalued projects within this oversaturated PFP space. We aim to sweep blue chip floors and hold them in the Sweepie’s Vault for a full year from launch. Each week, Sweepie’s Holders will submit their Vote and the winning project will be swept.

Vote for your Right to Sweep

We want to showcase the power of web3 and digital ownership. Our voting system will not be a silly poll on discord or telegram. A smart contract will be created for this purpose. When it is time to vote, you, the Sweepie Holder, will visit our website and click on the “Vote” tab. You will then connect your wallet and your holdings will be verified. You will be presented with the nominees, make your selection, sign the message, then your done! We will work on creating a visual poll for our voting system and the winner will be projected once voting concludes. Pretty sweep, huh?

Sweepie’s Vault

We are a community and together we will do the hard work of cleaning up the dirty NFT floors. We are here to find value in undervalued projects and have fun at the same time. The winning project will be swept and stored into the Sweepie’s Vault. Our metrics and tokenomics can be found, in detail, in our Whitepaper. Once land is acquired, we will begin to create a digital vault for all Holder’s to visit and view.


Following our Weekly Sweep, we will celebrate with our weeks end giveaway which we call “Sweepstakes”. All verified Holders are eligible for our giveaways. We sweep to give, and we give to sweep.

“Founders Sweepie's”

Our Founder’s Sweepie’s are our Genesis mints which are the first 2000 Sweepie’s. Only Gold Coin NFT holders will be able to mint these during our Presale. Unlike the rest of the collection, the Founder’s Sweepie’s will contain animated attributes as well as an animated background. Being a Gold Coin holder will increase your staking amount, thus, increasing your odds to obtain a Sweepie’s DAO token. More information about our tokenomics can be found in our Sweepie’s Whitepaper linked below.

Our Floormap

Phase I:

- Open claims for Gold Coin NFT. 1000 supply for access to Founder's Mint (Genesis mint)

- Begin Minting the Founder’s (Genesis) Sweepie’s  

- Public Mint will Proceed following Founder’s Mint-Out.

- 100% sold: Work on DAO infrastructure, Voting Contract, and Staking 

Phase II:

-  Sunday Comic Development.

- Land Acquisition. 

- Sweepstakes (Giveaways) 

- Avatar Development.

Our NFTs

Meet the Team

Doc Alt @AltLedger


Dre @AndreNFTs


Guru @fillukis

Comic Lead/ Community Mod

Mo @Daviral


Amresh @amresheth


DraeBob @Handler_NFT




Founder’s Presale – 0.069 ETH
Public Sale – 0.08 ETH 

Founder's Sweepies Mint: only Gold Coin holders will be eligible to mint.
Public Sale: no requirements to mint.


Join us in our Discord and follow us on Twitter. We have plenty of content on Medium and our Whitepaper can be read on our Gitbook. Come meme with us and let’s clean up the Metaverse.